Family get together – 2023

The much awaited first project organized by the new committee of 2022/23 was the New Year Family Get Together 2023, held on 5th February 2023 at Fibrosa Pavilion, Rouse Hill Regional Park. It was great to see more than 150 alumni and family members enjoying not only the great activities that were lined up but also the simple long-awaited company of friends. The food was mouth-watering; started with faluda, wine, and bites which were followed by an extensive table of Sri Lankan food which included kiribath, roast paan, polos curry, pol sambol, and many more, complemented by ice cream and platters of fruit. Live music gave everyone a boost to sing and dance. The kids were thrilled with face painting and cookie decorating. The special guests, Terry and Rob, made their magical disappearing and appearing acts, mesmerising the gathering. The committee was thankful to all those who attended and helped in many ways to make this event so successful. 

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