UCAANSW Hosts Inaugural Online session “Colombo Chats”

The UCAANSW Committee 2019/2020 hosted the Inaugural Online Q & A session called “Colombo Chats” with our alumnus, cardiologist Dr Kanishka Kamaladasa on Saturday 24th October at 6 -7 pm, with an aim to provide the alumni, members from other Sri Lankan Associations in Sydney, their families and friends valuable information on an important health topic on “How to stay healthy from a cardiologist’s point of view”. The session was coordinated by Chameera Jayasekera and moderated by Dr Chaminda Egodage.  

Dr Kamaladasa shared his experience as a cardiologist in Sri Lanka and in Australia while providing insights into how the differences in diet, life style and other risk factors could contribute to heart diseases.  He also explained the value of maintaining cholesterol with high in HDL and low in LDL levels, the role of antioxidants, as well as daily aerobic exercises for a healthy heart.  The session was well received by more than 40 participants.  We have received positive feedback from the participants thanking Dr Kamaladasa for taking time and said that “his explanations were very informative, clear, thorough and scientific”.

The UCAANSW Committee 2019/2020 wish to thank Dr Kanishka Kamaladasa and all the participants for their active participation.  We plan to continue this series in the future on medical as well as non-medical topics, bringing the experts to your home for you to ask questions. 


The University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW hopes this discussion will enlighten you on some aspects of health and wellbeing. We would like to advise that it will not substitute a medical consultation. If you have symptoms and need medical advice we advise you to see your doctor.

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