2018 Feb UCAANSW Scholarship update


We wish to inform you of another milestone of the Scholarship project – The Scholarship Award ceremony, held on the 1st February 2018 at the University. The Vice Chancellor, Senior Professor Lakshman Dissanayake graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The ceremony was organised by Sarasavi Mithuro (SSMT) and the University of Colombo. The UCAANSW member from Sydney, Sarath Wijekoon was in Sri Lanka and we are very grateful that he represented UCAANSW and conveyed our message of appreciation to the Vice Chancellor for his prompt endorsement of fund raising activities held in Sydney organised by the Alumni Committee of 2016/2017. Furthermore Mr. Wijekoon stated “The Committee along with the University of Colombo Alumni community of NSW are very pleased to offer 30 scholarships in the inaugural year. The cumulative value of the contribution towards the 2017 scholarships is 1.35 million rupees. The alumni committee and the members have worked tirelessly to raise these funds through community events, volunteer efforts and donations. Further, we wish to sincerely recognize Dr Mahees and staff at the Student counsellor’s office and the scholarship committee of the Sarasavi Mithuro headed by Mr K D R Siriwardena for their hard work at this end for making this project a reality. Their help to conduct the process of selecting the scholarship recipients in an objective and transparent manner is highly appreciated”. While addressing the scholarship recipients, he said that “we hope that the funds you receive over the next two years will provide some relief towards your expenses. We encourage you to put in your best effort in your studies and take every opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. Further, take time to give back to the society, perhaps as a volunteer, and develop a stronger sense of duty and responsibility towards fellow citizens and Sri Lanka”. He concluded by congratulating all of them and wishing them all the best in their studies and success in their future goals.

The Vice Chancellor and also Mr Siriwardena of SSMT have made a special mention of UCAANSW throughout the proceedings and have been very appreciative of our contribution.

The number of scholarships in 2017 was increased from 17 to 30 primarily due to the reduction in the scholarship time period from 3 years to 2 years due to delays in getting the start date for the disbursement established. Each scholarship is worth Rs 22,500 per annum for two years. The UCAANSW 2017/2018 committee has taken steps to open up a UCAANSW Bank account at People’s Bank, Sri Lanka and a standing order is in place to transfer funds to the Sarasavi Mithuro’s (SSMT’s) account to pay the scholarship recipients.

Donations towards 2018 scholarship round are now open and we are happy to inform you that several alumni have already committed to support. We will work with our SSMT liaison officer, Mr Anura Dassanayake, who has provided us with great support from the start of this scholarship project, to finalise the scholarship recipients for 2018 as well. If you are interested in being a donor to this worthy cause, kindly complete the pledge form attached herewith and return to us.

Once again, we appreciate all of your support.

Kind regards,

UCAANSW 2017/2018 Committee

UCAANSW SCHOLARSHIP 2018 FUND PLEDGE FORM_revisedScholarship Award Ceremony at UoC_Feb2018

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